Discover fashion gems. Learn about personal style.

Meet the makers of independent fashion and accessories. Discover local, ethical and sustainable options to the mainstream fashion offerings. Exceptional | Indie | Bespoke

Melbourne is known for its creative and independent spirit and that’s part of what puts it on the most liveable cities list. Join us for a behind the scenes look at our amazing fashion designers at work in their studios. Help support our designers and find yourself something unique as well – win/win!

  • Find unique fashion and accessories
  • Learn about personal style and what suits you
  • Meet designers at work behind the scenes
  • Explore beautiful and quality options to fast fashion
  • Support our local businesses
  • Make new friends and walk while you learn

Fashion by Foot is led by personal style specialists Donna Cameron and Briar Jasper-Batson. During this ‘walking workshop’ you’ll learn about aspects of personal style and what might work for you. We’ll help you find a special something to help define your own unique style.