A new way to learn about personal style


While you discover Melbourne fashion gems


Spend an afternoon with two personal style specialists to discover new looks that work for you and gain style insight you can continue to apply.

Meet the makers of independent fashion and enjoy conversing with the designers themselves about their work.



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Want to know what suits you but not sure who to ask? Want to know where to find great fashion that sets you apart from the pack? Explore new styles and learn about personal style with TWO personal style specialists. We’ll help you find something special.

  • Hear from personal stylists what suits you
  • Meet designers at work behind the scenes
  • Explore beautiful options to fast fashion
  • Support our local businesses
  • Initiate a TAILORED TOUR
  • Make new friends and walk while you learn

Melbourne’s creative and independent spirit is part of what puts it on the most liveable cities list. Join us for a behind the scenes look at our amazing fashion designers at work. Celebrate our designers and help reduce the reliance on fast fashion.