Tailor-made tours

As well as our scheduled tours, we can work with you to tailor one just for your group.

Whether it’s a birthday you’re celebrating, a fundraising activity you’d like to collaborate on, a corporate event you need to liven up a conference or a group of friends who’d like to share a special day out, we can provide this for you!


Celebrating in style is something we excel at! No matter what it is you're celebrating we will ensure you and your guests are treated to something special to mark the occasion. We'll organise drinks to dazzle you, introduce you to independent designers and provide you and your guests with some serious style advice. Local restaurants also come to the party so you can indulge in some Melbourne gourmet delights!


Step away from the ordinary fundraising activities to really engage your supporters! Talk to us about your cause and we will tailor a tour that will both contribute to your bottom line and treat your supporters to a whole new experience.<br />

Corporate events

An optional recreation activity adds spice to a conference spanning several days and a Fashion by Foot tour is the perfect thing! If your delegates are from out of town, show them how magical Melbourne is by allowing them to indulge in a little shopping - you know they want to - we're famous for fashion here. And it's the social part of your itinerary that gets a team truly bonding...

Friendship groups

You can book us all for yourselves! We'll tailor a tour to your requirements to ensure your friends and you will have an afternoon out together they will remember for years to come.