What our clients say

Feedback from previous Fashion by Foot walkers…

“That was such a fabulous day…! I have lived off the feeling during the days since!! Always great to do something fun and new!” xx Liz



“An amazing day spent with the talented fashion stylists, Donna Cameron & Briar Jasper-Batson. Supporting local and independent Melbourne designers. Check them out – the best way to spend your Saturday afternoon.” Jodie



“I really enjoyed the Fashion by Foot tour of Brunswick. It opened my eyes to local independent designers in the area and we were warmly welcomed when meeting them. My favourite colour is green but did you know not all greens are the same? One ‘gem’ I took away from the day is understanding what base green suits me!

Donna Cameron and Briar Jasper-Batson have talents and wisdom to share. I highly recommend Fashion by Foot – a fun day meeting new people, gathering tips to take away and feeling connected to the talented community around me.” Jenny



“Thanks so much for the tour – I had such a great time.” Emma


“Thanks for a fun day!  It was great fun to meet new people too.” Lily



“Though I’ve learnt what suits me through an organic process of trial and error I learned a lot through Fashion By Foot (not just what is good for me) but I could see how others benefited from the professional advice on offer. It was this extensive knowledge and natural ease with style that our guides owned in spades that brought our awareness to another level.

I learned so much about colour, cut and body shapes by going along with Donna and Briar. The other benefit (which just doesn’t happen when you shop independently) is you meet the designers and they welcome you and explain their stock with great enthusiasm and pride but no pressure. The emphasis on Australian made and sustainability is a common thread and I was impressed by the passion of the designers we met.” Liz



“Fitzroy has long been known for its eclectic collection of designers and trend setters, Fashion by Foot makes these Fitzroy icons accessible. Having the opportunity to personally meet and have conversations with well-known designers, peruse their unique items and receive personalised advice makes the Fashion by Foot tour a valuable and enjoyable afternoon.“ Justine



“It was well organised and good to see shops/designers I wouldn’t have thought to visit.”  Katrina


“I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to go on another!” Kylie


“What a great idea – it was so much fun!” Suzie


“I loved the small group. I loved that it was informal, fun, local and the walking.” Maria


“The educational component was great.”


“I enjoyed meeting the unsung heroes who work in the design and fashion industry. Kim


“It was interesting to see ‘behind the scenes’ and meet the designers. The variety of makers and the uniqueness of their products was fabulous.”


“Seeing the talent here in Melbourne, shopping with a friendly group and having guided advice was awesome.” Ann


“Thank you for a lovely day from start to finish. I will wear my skirt with fond memories. You were brilliant!.” Sarah


“This was an amazing day; lots of fun and laughter. Starting with champagne and ending with three skirts and one top. Will be coming back to do the Brunswick tour, as we did the Fitzroy fashion tour.” Andrea